Mixed Media

Ali offers some helpful hints and tips
I guess we all have our own way of going about painting; play by the rules; make it up as we go along; follow a formula. It doesn't really matter what process you follow if the end result works. However I have always found that for me the very best mixed media pieces are always a result of a failed watercolour. On the basis that you've nothing to loose it's a golden opportunity to experiment and throw caution to the wind, after all you're not about to waste a piece of paper....that box has already been ticked! I have always found mixed media work to be incredibly exciting, somehow it's easier to break the boundaries. So if you've never tried it give it a go. Mix whatever media you have, include a little collage, the only rule I stick to is colour, choose carefully, avoid colour chaos until you are confident and let the media textures do the talking.